Who We Are

We are a group of programmers with over 20 years of experience creating, updating, and supporting all manner of software products across a range of different industries. We are based in the Houston, TX area and we have worked with customers all over the United States.

What We Can Do

We are battle-hardened software developers. Windows desktop applications, websites, webservices, mobile solutions, and report building are just some of the services we have to offer. Legacy software support is another one of our specialties, for those that have lost a developer but want to keep the software.

Who We Can Help

We have created and supported projects for a variety of different industries. Including, but not limited to: debt collection, automotive service, document storage, education, mortgage processing, international shipping/logistics, accounting, and others.

Founder: Joseph Smith, Houston, TX native and graduate of University of Houston. Over 20 years of programming experience including desktop applications, web-based solutions, mobile apps, back-end development, and a host of other programming experience. Founded Cypress Custom Solutions in 2017 and has been growing ever since.